Have you been previously diagnosed with one of these forms of urologic can-cer and need help? Are you interested in learning more about urologic cancer testing? Dr. Campenni has been caring for urology patients like you for over two decades. We never want you to feel embarrassed about speaking to us about getting the help you need. These types of urologic cancers are quite common with tens of thousands of new cases being diagnosed each year. You’ll have ac-cess to special screening exams, diagnostic imaging, an honest second opinion, and treatments ranging from radiation therapy to advanced surgery.

We can help diagnose and treat:

  • Bladder cancer – The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 71,000 people are diagnosed with this type of cancer that affects the cells in your bladder.
  • Kidney cancer – Also known as renal cancer, kidney cancer can show up in the tiny tubes that cleanse your blood in the kidneys.
  • Prostate cancer – This type of cancer affects the small gland in a man’s pelvis and it’s close to the size of a walnut. There are both benign and malignant growths that can be removed and could possibly grow back as time progresses.
  • Testicular cancer – Nearly one percent of all male cancers are attributed to testicular cancer. If diagnosed early, testicular cancer can be treated properly and possibly cured.

These cancers have many similar symptoms such as painful urination, blood in your urine, pelvic discomfort, and lower back pain.