Do I Really Need My Prostate Checked?
added on: January 17, 2020
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A prostate exam is one of the most common yet most feared procedures guys worry about when talking to their Pittston urologist. We get it. You’re dealing with a sensitive topic in an even more sensitive area of the body and it can be unnerving to even think about. The… Read More…

Tighty Whities vs. Boxer Briefs: Can My Underwear Cause Infertility?
added on: January 9, 2020
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Underwear. Why do we even bother putting it on in the first place? You can thank your ancestors from way back in the day, a.k.a. centuries ago. They decided it would be best for their intimate areas not to touch their precious outer garments.  The “they” refers to the men… Read More…

Are Thongs Wrong and Giving You a UTI?
added on: November 22, 2019
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A urinary tract infection (UTI) can happen at any time, when you least expect it, leaving you wondering how the heck it happened in the first place.  We meet so many patients at Greater Pittston Urology searching for a solution to their painful, recurring UTIs. We thought it might be… Read More…

4 Facts (That Are Actually Interesting) for Bladder Health Awareness Month
added on: November 7, 2019
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We’re changing November to ‘Know’vember as we talk about bladder health in honor of Bladder Health Awareness Month.  But first, let’s pay thanks to these organizations: –The Urology Care Foundation –The American Urological Association (AUA) –The Bladder Health Alliance They represent a knowledgeable coalition of physicians, patients, and veterans who… Read More…

4 “Unreal” Vasectomy Facts, Myths, Fears
added on: September 25, 2019

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons patients call our Greater Pittston urology office is to ask about having a vasectomy procedure. It’s one of the most common treatments we do, but there are so many myths out there that make some men too afraid to even say the… Read More…

Should I Be Worried About Low Testosterone?
added on: August 23, 2019
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There’s so much on TV and the internet these days about low testosterone. There are even companies with outrageous products that claim to give you the boost you need to reach normal hormone levels. At our urology office in Pittston, we’ll be the first ones to tell you not to… Read More…

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Want Fewer Accidents & Trips to the Bathroom? Interstim is it!
added on: August 16, 2019
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What if there was finally relief from your bladder control issues available at our Pittston urology office? What if there was a way to stop having to run to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day? What if you were guaranteed to have fewer accidents?  What if you got your… Read More…

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3 Big Ways to Boost Your Kidney Health (Today!)
added on: July 11, 2019
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Go ahead, give your lower back a pat. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for all your kidneys do for you and your body. These fist-sized organs are busy both day and night: – Cleansing your blood – Filtering out waste – Making new red blood cells – Building stronger bones… Read More…

Why Do We Get Kidney Stones?
added on: May 22, 2019
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If you or someone you know has ever had a kidney stone, then you know it’s not that fun. At our urology office in Pittston, we get asked all the time, “Why did this happen?? “ or “What caused me to develop a kidney stone?” Unfortunately, the causes of kidney stones… Read More…

Greater Pittston Urology Welcomes You!
added on: March 18, 2019

Serving Patients Across Pittston, PA and Luzerne County We’re so excited to announce the grand opening of Greater Pittston Urology on Kennedy Blvd. in Pittston, PA. Dr. Michael A. Campenni and team are proud to be your trusted home for all of your urologic needs for both men and women… Read More…

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